Toll Tag Information

Purchase a New Toll Tag

The Customer and Utility Services Department now offers customers the opportunity to purchase a new toll tag for use on any of the toll roads under the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA).

Note: City offices below can only sell new toll tags; we cannot exchange toll tags. For exchange or other services please visit the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA).

To establish a new toll tag account and purchase tags, you can visit either one of the Customer and Utility Services offices.

  • Municipal Center
    1520 K Ave Suite 120
    Plano, Texas
    (972) 941-7105

Please note that changes to existing accounts will need to be done through NTTA by calling (214) 461-2000.

Application & Cost

Below is the information you will need to complete the application and associated cost:

  • Credit card number and expiration date: - Master Card, Visa, or American Express. Payment must be made with a credit card. (Payments are processed by the NTTA and not made directly to the City of Plano.)
  • Drivers License number and state.
  • Year, make, model, color and state and license plate number of the vehicle the toll tag is being purchased for.(Only one toll tag per vehicle) You can purchase multiple toll tags for one account.
Number of Tags Issued Prepaid Accounts and Subsequent Credit Card Charges Replenishment Balance Charge for Monthly Statement
1-3 $40 $10 $1.50
4-6 $80 $20 $3.00
7-9 $120 $30 $4.50
10-12 $160 $40 $6.00

When the application is completed, a tag number will be assigned to each vehicle and submitted to the NTTA for processing. The processing time is now only a few seconds before approval is received. Once NTTA approval is received, tags will be given to the customer for immediate use.